The Big Bang, Baby Final Challenge

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Livejournal: [info]ac1d6urn

  • Hogwarts Rising, for Creevey at Large
  • Into the Sunlight, for Reparo

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    Livejournal: [info]andreanna
    Deviantart: Andreanna

  • Biting, for Night Falls
  • Close, for Balloon Theory

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    Livejournal: [info]nk_aoede
    Deviantart: Pasiphae

  • Flying, for Night Falls
  • Found, for Reparo
  • Going to Watch, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Laces, for Quantum Leap
  • Side by Side, for Reparo

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    Livejournal: [info]darthneko
    Deviantart: Darthneko

  • Breakfast at the Manor, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Exchanging Notes, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Potions Work, for Balloon Theory

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    Canary Cream Delight

    Livejournal: [info]cnary_crem_dght
    Website: Creme de Canary

  • Commemorative 10,000-Word Banner

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    Dr. Willy

  • In Flight, for Night Falls
  • I'll Come Back, for Seekers in the Rye

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  • At the Burrow, for Reparo
  • Confrontation, for Balloon Theory

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    Livejournal: [info]arboretum

  • At Grimmauld Place, for Nightingale
  • Snogging, for Balloon Theory
  • Unexpected Encounters, for Creevey at Large
  • Commemorative 50,000-Word Banner
  • Big Bang, Baby Splash Art

    Review Eddy's Art!


    Deviantart: Forbis

  • By the Lake, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Eavesdropping, for Creevey at Large

    Review Forbis' Art!


    Livejournal: [info]froggie

  • Biting, for Night Falls
  • Knee Socks, for Reparo
  • On Hogwarts Express, for Seekers in the Rye

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    Livejournal: [info]glockgal
    Website: everyflavour

  • Breakfast, for Quantum Leap
  • Scarred, for Balloon Theory
  • The Hospital Wing, for Nightingale

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    Gold Loewin

    Livejournal: [info]gold_loewin
    Deviantart: Gold Loewin

  • Handcuffed, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Pervert, for Boys Don't Cry

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    Livejournal: [info]Goss
    Website: iGoss

  • Commemorative 20,000-Word Banner

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    Livejournal: [info]__hibiscus
    Website: Hibi-esque

  • Boxes, for Seekers in the Rye
  • In the Nettles, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Kreacher's Cake, for Reparo
  • Commemorative 40,000-Word Banner

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    Livejournal: [info]jadntonic
    Deviantart: Jadntonic

  • "Again", for Nightingale
  • This Changed Everything, for Balloon Theory

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    Livejournal: [info]kasche
    Website: Bruniful

  • Anger Management, for Night Falls
  • At the Theatre, for Nightingale
  • Fallen, for Balloon Theory
  • Harry Awake, for Reparo
  • Just Once, for Creevey at Large

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    Livejournal: [info]lillithium
    Website: Harry Potter and the Planetarium

  • Fingerpainting, for Nightingale

    Review Lillithium's Art!


    Livejournal: [info]myrafur
    Website: Sleight of Hand

  • Harry & Petunia, for Quantum Leap
  • Kreacher's Closet, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Cannonball, for Quantum Leap

    Review Myrafur's Art!


    Livejournal: [info]naadi
    Website: Moonfeather Ink

  • Harry Days, for Nightingale
  • In Harry's Bed, for Quantum Leap
  • Lemonade, for Quantum Leap

    Review Naadi's Art!


    Livejournal: [info]pearljamz
    Deviantart: Alteregopi

  • Something Bigger, for Balloon Theory

    Review Pearljamz' Art!


    Livejournal: [info]quaedam
    Deviantart: Quaedam

  • Ducklings, for Reparo
  • Hall Sex, for Reparo
  • Time Veil, for Creevey at Large
  • Trio, for Creevey at Large

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    Livejournal: [info]reallycorking
    Website: Cork Art

  • Can't Fight Back, for Boys Don't Cry
  • In Front of the Fire, for Creevey at Large
  • Seekers, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Totally Inappropriate, for Quantum Leap
  • Under Water, for Quantum Leap

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    Red Rahl

    Livejournal: [info]red_rahl
    Website: Rahly Furverted

  • Draco's Solution, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Undone, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Why, Malfoy?, for Reparo
  • Commemorative 30,000-Word Banner

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    Livejournal: [info]sherant

  • Draco at the Manor, for Night Falls
  • Loved, for Nightingale

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    Livejournal: [info]spaggel
    Deviantart: Spaggel

  • Kiss, for Creevey at Large
  • The Sonnet, for Quantum Leap

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    Livejournal: [info]yazenia
    Deviantart: Yazenia

  • At St. Mungo's, for Nightingale
  • Detention, for Nightingale
  • Outside the Great Hall, for Creevey at Large
  • Clue Hunt, for Seekers in the Rye
  • Madame Marchbank, for Creevey at Large

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    Livejournal: [info]zejeni
    Deviantart: Zejeni

  • Draco Sleeps, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Hermione, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Smile, for Boys Don't Cry
  • Wielding the Sword, for Night Falls

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  • the artists.

    ♦ Ac1d6urn
    ♦ Andreanna
    ♦ Aoede
    ♦ Blackrose
    ♦ Cnary_crem_dght
    ♦ Dr Willy
    ♦ Duckpuppy
    ♦ Eddy
    ♦ Forbis
    ♦ Froggie
    ♦ Glockgal
    ♦ Gold Loewin
    ♦ Goss
    ♦ Hibiscus
    ♦ JadnTonic
    ♦ Kasche
    ♦ Lillithium
    ♦ Myrafur
    ♦ Naadi
    ♦ Pearljamz
    ♦ Quaedam
    ♦ Reallycorking
    ♦ Red Rahl
    ♦ Sherant
    ♦ Spaggel
    ♦ Yazenia
    ♦ Zejeni

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