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The Big Bang: A gigantic explosion; the origins of our universe.

The Big Bang, Baby Challenge: To write the definitive post-OoTP Harry/Draco fic, where the boys remain boys; and keep their wands, their fists, and of course their cocks, in evidence. No sudden shifts of character, no selective back-story editing, no excuses! Just raw, real, and uncut-- the ultimate Harry vs. Draco showdown.

This project was six months in the making, and could not have been completed without the generous assistance of our participating fanartists. Together with them, we're pleased to present four fantastic Harry/Draco novellas for your enjoyment, illustrated with enough fanart to drown in!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy the Big Bang Challenge!

Yours in H/D obsession,

The Mods - Aja, Reena, and Shaggy

     Beyond Wild Moor and Fen  
BY // Furiosity
In the summer before Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts, something relatively inconsequential causes him to wonder if he'd been barking up the wrong tree the whole time, as far as girls went. As the year progresses amongst activities geared towards house unity, nefarious Slytherin plots, and dealing with the loss of loved ones Harry begins to wonder if perhaps giving people a chance isn't so scary, after all. What does all that have to do with Draco Malfoy? Why, everything, of course.

     Hall of Mirrors  
BY // Ella Bane
In the summer before Harry Potter's sixth year, he confronts a frightfully suspicious wizarding world, where friends are strangers, mirrors hide secrets, and enemies become lovers.

     Queen of Hearts  
BY // Duke & Betty
A spectre is haunting Harry -- the responsibility of his destiny. It looms over his future and, more importantly, over the future of his friends. Harry is determined to exorcise this spectre for the greater good, but on the way, he enters into a few unholy alliances...

     Wheel of Fortune  
BY // CJ Marlowe
The seeker who draws the Wheel of Fortune card is at the beginning of a cycle. He is able to change at a moment's notice, but the wheel will turn with or without him. An opportunity may present itself; the seeker must take action or the opportunity will be lost. This is a turning point in his life.

Beyond Wild Moor and Fen

♦ Fiendling
♦ GodontheWater
♦ Goss
♦ Hibiscus
♦ Linnpuzzle
♦ Monkey_Puppet
♦ Sherant
♦ Spaggel

Hall of Mirrors

♠ Andreanna
♠ Djinniyah
♠ Glockgal
♠ GredandFeorge
♠ Hibiscus
♠ Linnpuzzle
♠ Red Rahl
♠ Sherant

Queen of Hearts

♥ Adamasoda
♥ Adora Spintriae
♥ Djinniyah
♥ Glockgal
♥ Hibiscus
♥ Nix
♥ Sherant
♥ Spaggel

Wheel of Fortune

♣ Adora Spintriae
♣ Andreanna
♣ Fiendling
♣ Glockgal
♣ GodontheWater
♣ Monkey_Puppet
♣ Red Rahl
♣ Sherant
♣ Spaggel