Welcome to the Big Bang: Endgame Harry/Draco challenge! We are delighted to bring you a Valentine's Day gift of six fabulous novel-length fics by our talented authors, complete with over 70 gorgeous illustrations by many of the best artists in the HP fandom. Like the First Round of the Big Bang, our challenge to our participating authors was to explore the themes of canon while creating a believable scenario in which Harry and Draco found themselves, against all odds, falling in love. We hope you enjoy each of our post-Half-Blood Prince fics. Our very deepest thanks and gratitude go out to all our participating authors and artists. It has been a pleasure working with you all, and we hope you are as happy as we are with the results.

Happy Valentines Day!

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+ Life Less Frightening

+ That Way Lies Camelot

+ A Wave in Windless Water

+ Winterwood

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Abide the Sleeper

     FIC by: [info]furiosity and [info]imadra_blue

Every hero, self-styled or otherwise, must undertake a quest, and Harry Potter's quest has already been set for him by those older and wiser than he. Where there is prophecy, there is also destiny, but there are forks in the dark path that Harry and his friends now walk. There are allies they know not, and enemies they'd know but for their smiles. There are lessons in the past that Harry would do well to learn, and guidance in the present from unexpected sources.

     ART by:
[info]adora_spintriae, [info]froggie, [info]glockgal, [info]mneomosyne, and [info]nix___

As Time Unfolds Us: A Memoir

     FIC by: [info]agnes_bean

Desperate for his own escape from the Death Eaters, Draco Malfoy does something he never expected to do: he helps Harry Potter. With his ideology abandoned and his former protection lost, Draco finds himself in an unfamiliar world, where his greatest struggle —and his ultimate fate — hinges on defining the line between old loyalties and new.

     ART by:
[info]__hibiscus, [info]andreanna, [info]attics, [info]cellia, [info]gredandfeorge, and [info]lillithium

Life Less Frightening

     FIC by: [info]skarch86

After Dumbledore's death everything goes downhill for Draco. When Harry comes unwillingly into the picture, they both have to learn that things are not always what they appear to be.

     ART by:
[info]cellia, [info]glockgal, [info]joosetta, {Artist name removed by request}, [info]nix___, and [info]red_rahl

That Way Lies Camelot

     FIC by: [info]scoradh and [info]cynicalpirate

The road to victory is forced to take a few detours, as Harry stumbles across all manner of unexpected things. Not least of these is one Draco Malfoy, on the run from the Death Eaters but not walking the walk of the side of light either. However, the most unexpected thing of all is Harry himself ... that, and the teapots.

     ART by:
[info]_littlun_, [info]adora_spintriae, [info]attics, [info]glockgal, [info]goss, and {Artist name removed by request}

A Wave in Windless Water

     FIC by: [info]reposoir

Harry, Hermione, and Ron work together in Godric's Hollow to find and destroy Voldemort's horcruxes. With the unexpected arrival of Draco Malfoy, Harry has the burden of both the horcruxes and new worries weighing him down. 

     ART by:
[info]__hibiscus, [info]_littlun_, [info]froggie, [info]joosetta, [info]mpuppet, {Artist name removed by request}, [info]sherant, and [info]spaggel


     FIC by: [info]stlrenwench

There's no such thing as destiny--there's only action and inaction, who takes the first step and who sits waiting, check and checkmate. Sometimes the worst part of the fight is the bracing breath before the first step.

     ART by:
[info]_littlun_, [info]adora_spintriae, [info]froggie, [info]ildi_bp, [info]mpuppet, {Artist name removed by request}, [info]nix___, and [info]sherant