Our Thanks and Acknowledgments

in which we, the mods of the Harry/Draco Big Bang Challenge, try to condense 4 years of our utmost gratitude into a single browser width

From The Mods:

The mods of the Big Bang would like to send buckets of roses to the following very special people.

We have been extremely fortunate in that over half of our participating artists have returned to the challenge for two or more years running. Those amazing artists are: Adora, Andreanna, Froggie, Glock, Godonthewater, Goss, Gredandfeorge, Hibiscus, Lillithium, Monkeypuppet, Nix, Rahly, Sherant, and Spaggel. Thank you all for your generosity.

In particular we would like to thank our rockstars and dear friends: Andreanna, Glock, Goss, Hibiscus, Rahly, Sherant, and Spaggel, who have done this challenge with us for all three rounds. They are brilliant and insane and we couldn't be more grateful, or more in love with each of them and their fabulous art.

We would also like to extend our very deepest thanks and respect to two writers who have blown us away by participating in this challenge every single round: Furiosity and Scoradh, we can't express our love for you guys and our awe at your choosing to tackle such a grueling challenge, not once, but three times. Thanks for your unending enthusiasm. You've continually inspired our artists, and us.

Thanks go to our good friend Dave B for helping us with numerous development issues on the site, especially the Forums, and being patient with us over all these months. We couldn't have gotten any part of this site up and running without you.

We'd like to send a shout-out to all our fellow Big Bang mods in all other fandoms. We hope you've had as much fun and talent in your challenges as we've had in ours, and hope you'll all continue to draw inspiration from this challenge, and each other's.

The current roster of Big Bang Challenges in other fandoms (that we know of!) includes:

[info]bandombigbang: a Bandom novella/FST challenge
[info]heroes_bigboom: A Heroes/Heroes RPS Challenge
[info]house_bigbang: A House fandom novella challenge
[info]sgabigbang: A Stargate:Atlantis Challenge
[info]sugarandginger: A Ron/Hermione Challenge
[info]spn_j2_bigbang: A Supernatural/Supernatural RPS Challenge
[info]svbigbang: A Smallville Clex Challenge
[info]ds_c6_bigbang: A due South/Canadian 6 Challenge
[info]the_yo_yo: A Small Fandom Challenge
[info]1x2_bigbang: A Gundam Wing 1x2 Challenge
[info]buffy_bigbang: Buffyverse Big Bang Challenge
[info]ncis_bigbang: NCIS Big Bang Challenge
[info]dbsk_bigbang: DBSK Big Bang Challenge

Finally, we'd like to thank each of the fans of this challenge and of our wonderful artists and authors. You guys have made it all worth it. We love you.

From Aja:

Four years ago Shaggy and Reena came to me and said "we want to do this thing will you join us" and my first thought was "omfg you guys are nuts, BUT SURE." I've never been happier to share in so much insanity. I love you both forever and ever.

I want to thank the following artists from years past and present for their unending enthusiasm: Andreanna, I'm so grateful that I got to know you through this challenge. Your joy has been infectious since day one. Spags, thank you for letting us drag you back here every year. You are a source of constant delight to every single one of us. And then you went and gave us SHORT BUS!DRACO. ♥ Eddy, MY LOVE FOREVER, and Quaedam, MY PERSONAL GODDESS, thank you for letting us plead, blackmail, and badger you both into doing this challenge this year. You've basically overwhelmed us. As have Rahly, Hibi, Kasche, Nebulaean, and Sherant, not only this year, but in years past.

Huge amounts of love to Aoede, Corking, Myra, and Rahly, for not only pouring their energy into this challenge, but making Spaggel's Drawble thread a thing of beauty forever.

And finally: Glock, you are our hero, and one of the most energetic and generous-hearted people I have ever known. So, so much love for you.

Finally, love to Harry, Draco, and the H/D fandom for the most EPIC time of my life.

From Reena:

I'd like to thank Amalin and Aja and Malafede for keeping me in fandom against my will, even though supposedly we've all left, until finally I finished at least one longfic. THANKS :>

And thanks to JKR.
    I know it's uncool, but I still love the books, just as they are, even the epilogue. CANON LOVE 4EVAR!

And thanks to Harry, because I wouldn't be here writing anything at all without him, and I love him bestest. <3<3<3

And thanks to Draco Malfoy, who never knows when to shut up.

From Shaggy:

I'd first like to thank each of the artists who've been with us since the beginning, and those who have seriously gone above and beyond in one or more of the challenge rounds (who are in many cases the same group of people). Big Bang, Baby couldn't happen without the enthusiasm and generosity of all our artists, and would certainly have been far less spectacular without the following individuals:

andreanna, aoede, eddy, froggie, goss, hibiscus, kasche, lillithium, mneomosyne, nebulean, quaedam, reallycorking, red_rahl, sherant, spaggel, yazenia, & zejeni

and especially glockgal, who has come through for us in so many ways over the past 3 1/2 years I've lost track of what we owe her.

Epic thanks also to my co-mods, Aja & Reena, two of my best friends in this or any fandom. That the three of us happened to partner on this challenge was the happiest accident ever. We fit like puzzle pieces and I love you guys, lots.

Finally, my undying love to the entire Harry Potter fandom. You guys will always be home to me.

That's it for the Big, Bang, Baby! Harry/Draco novel/fanart challenge.

Thank you all for your support, and happy OTP-ing!

the artists.

♦ Ac1d6urn
♦ Andreanna
♦ Aoede
♦ Blackrose
♦ Cnary_crem_dght
♦ Dr Willy
♦ Duckpuppy
♦ Eddy
♦ Forbis
♦ Froggie
♦ Glockgal
♦ Gold Loewin
♦ Goss
♦ Hibiscus
♦ JadnTonic
♦ Kasche
♦ Lillithium
♦ Myrafur
♦ Naadi
♦ Pearljamz
♦ Quaedam
♦ Reallycorking
♦ Red Rahl
♦ Sherant
♦ Spaggel
♦ Yazenia
♦ Zejeni

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