The Big Bang, Baby Final Challenge

the origins of our universe collide in one last fantastic supernova.

Our Mission: To celebrate a decade of Harry Potter canon and H/D fandom; to pay homage to all the great fics and authors - and of course, fanartists - who have shaped our fanon, entered our hearts, and given us what we know as Harry/Draco slash: the passion, the fighting, the misunderstandings, the moments of searing sexual tension - not to mention the moments of searing sex - and the epic pain and joy, love, despair, and hope. This is H/D.

This is our final send-off - our best offering ever, from 8 talented authors and 27 of our favorite fanartists: one last ultimate Harry / Draco showdown.

This will be the last round of the Original Big Bang Challenge. It's been a blast. We've had the privilege of watching the challenge grow and catch on in other fandoms, until "Big Bang" is eponymous with this type of challenge. We've grown closer to each other, to our favorite artists, and to many of you. Today, nearly one year past the close of Harry and Draco's official stories, we hope you'll enjoy this last Big Bang - a gift from all of us to all of you.

Your (still obsessed) mods,

Aja, Reena, and Shaggy

the artists.

♦ Ac1d6urn
♦ Andreanna
♦ Aoede
♦ Blackrose
♦ Cnary_crem_dght
♦ Dr Willy
♦ Duckpuppy
♦ Eddy
♦ Forbis
♦ Froggie
♦ Glockgal
♦ Gold Loewin
♦ Goss
♦ Hibiscus
♦ JadnTonic
♦ Kasche
♦ Lillithium
♦ Myrafur
♦ Naadi
♦ Pearljamz
♦ Quaedam
♦ Reallycorking
♦ Red Rahl
♦ Sherant
♦ Spaggel
♦ Yazenia
♦ Zejeni

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