We hope you've enjoyed the second Big Bang! Here you'll find general info about the challenge, and our gratitude to people we just couldn't go without thanking!

Happy Valentines Day!

The Mods - Aja, Reena, and Shaggy

the fics.

+ Abide the Sleeper

+ As Time Unfolds Us: A Memoir

+ Life Less Frightening

+ That Way Lies Camelot

+ A Wave in Windless Water

+ Winterwood

the art.

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The Big Bang is the brainchild of [info]shaggirl (aka Shaggy), [info]lunacy (aka Reena), and [info]bookshop (aka Aja). The first Big Bang Challenge was a result of a perceived lack of canon-based novel-length H/D fics in the wake of The Order of the Phoenix. It was so successful that we decided to do it again in the wake of The Half-Blood Prince. We couldn't be happier with the results.

For more information about the site and further announcements pertaining to this challenge, feel free to friend the challenge community, [info]big_bang_hd.

If you are an artist and you are interested in contributing fanart for any of the fics we have showcased, you may share your work with the community. Please watch the community for further details if you would like to contribute fanart!


The site design, graphics, and layout were done by Reena, with site art by [info]glockgal. Site content was developed by Shaggy and written by Aja.

The moderators strew rosepetals at the feet of [info]orphne, who, by writing a program which allowed us to auto-code over 70 pieces of artwork, saved us hours and hours of work and literally rescued the entire challenge from being delayed. You are our hero.

A Note About the Artwork

The artists for the Big Bang Challenge were invited to participate by the moderators because of their consistent high-quality H/D artwork. This wave of the challenge was particularly difficult, with many artists having to withdraw for a variety of reasons. This challenge would have failed without the combined efforts of our remaining artists to deliver more than what we asked of them. They each responded beautifully and in some cases overwhelmingly.

In particular, [info]nebulaean and [info]glockgal were lifesavers. Contributing thirteen pieces of fanart, Nebulaean has done an absolutely herculean job for this round of the challenge, and Glock not only drew eight gorgeous pics but delivered a gorgeous site graphic under an intense time crunch.

Four of our artists joined with barely a month left in the challenge. Cellia, Attics, Joosetta, and Mneo all deserve praise for their cooperation, particularly [info]mneomosyne, who drew four pieces of fanart for us in as many weeks. Thanks also go to [info]andreanna for creating the lovely graphic and banner art for the Big Bang community!

The moderators wish to let each of our participating artists know how much we appreciated your efforts for this year's Big Bang. You are all our Valentines. ♥

Contact Us

We the mods strongly encourage you to REVIEW each of the wonderful fics and all of the amazing artwork on this site! You will find a comment form at the end of each fic and for each of the artists listed on the art page.

If you have any questions or comments about this challenge, please email us, or drop a comment on the Big Bang community.

Thank you to the Harry/Draco fandom for your continued support of and enthusiasm for this challenge and all of its participants. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have!