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Harmless Ball of Fluff or Mad Hatter: Cliches, AUs, and Plot Bunnies, Oh My!
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TOPIC: a different take on gender-bender cliches
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a different take on gender-bender cliches 12 Years, 1 Month ago House Points: 14  
I just saw a very promising summary for a Korean manhwa called 'Prince of Destruction', which is,
Lee Uh In's family has long protected a legendary jar of alcohol with mysterious properties. Anyone who drinks from it will gain immense strength--and swap sexual orientation as well! But the jar only fills every ten years, and everyone who's drunk from it previously has died soon after. Enter Ichiro Yachi, who's unfortunate encounter with the liquor has left him liking guys and determined to take the jar back. Divine swapping, alcohol and an ancient legend? Things are about to get complicated.

And I thought, hey-- the problem with this whole set-up is that this is a supposed 'gender-bender' story which means there aren't any real m/m pairings that result, and that ruins all the fun of a silly cute plot like this, doesn't it? It's just WRONG somehow that a plot like this is used for other than boylove purposes, so.

I thought it would really be awesome if someone were inspired and wrote this whole potion-based orientation-switching cliche (probably a comedy), except with the sexy pay-off, hehe. I imagine Draco, for instance, would like the suuuuper powers & may be unaware of the orientation switching properties. I say this 'cause I can't imagine Harry choosing to imbibe such a thing or, for that matter, Draco wanting to 'trick' him by handing him immense strength or what have you other superpower

I actually hate the original manhwa idea of the guy desperately working to become straight again if it works and he does it, but I love the idea if in fact he does try and yet in the end, he falls in love in spite of himself. It's a little different than your stereotypical lust potion 'cause you'd have Draco liking guys, not just Potter. In a way, it makes things more interesting that way and allows the relationship to still occur naturally and be IC. You can play around with all sorts of ideas about gender and orientation but in a queer-positive light, y'know, rather than just playing it for kicks like 'oh noes, I'm gay!! D: D: D:'

I hope this is even remotely inspiring. People seem to not have the best idea of where to start with the cliche track so far, if one judged from the queries the mods have been receiving (plus, most of you seem more interested in post-Hogwarts and non-Hogwarts stuff after all... *sniffle*), but maybe this will get your own ideas working even if that particular scenario doesn't appeal.
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