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TOPIC: Mirror Image - ficlet
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Mirror Image - ficlet 11 Years, 8 Months ago House Points: 0  
Draco relaxed back in the bed to admire the picture he and Harry Potter made on the dark green sheets - both bodies pale, but Harry's skin a little darker, a little emphasis where their bodies met. The mirror displayed the dark hair messily arranged on the pillow, merging into the shadows of the pillow and room.
He stroked his hand down the taut flank, and stopped to gaze again at how his hand looked, thumb pointing to the navel like the dark trail of hair, hand curved over the hipbone and slight swell of belly, next to the curl of flaccid cock.
“You wouldn't listen, would you, Potter,” he whispered, his lips brushing the lightly stubbled cheek.
“I tried to tell you.”
He pulled the coverlet up off the floor and dragged it over Harry's cold legs, then, with a caress, smoothed the material back from the dark-fringed groin. It was too – delectable to cover.
He wanted to look his fill.
He needed to commit the picture to memory.

This – this is how it always should have been.
How could it not be?

“Why? Why did you have to ... why couldn't you ... Why didn't you understand?”

His eyes, red-rimmed, hungrily drank in the picture in the mirror, desperately willed it to be true, to be real, to be – live.

He moved against Potter, his hand moving Potter's – no, Harry's hand, on his chest.

“Why isn't it – like this?” he moaned, clutching Harry's cold flesh to him.
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