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TOPIC: Project Bang Forum Closed
Shaggy (Admin)
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Project Bang Forum Closed 11 Years, 9 Months ago House Points: 13  

The most consistent complaint we Big Bang mods heard in the wakes of our first two challenges was that our authors are sort of set adrift between the original challenge announcement and the due date 5 months later. That’s something we really wanted to change this round, but as I’m sure has been obvious to those of you who are frequent visitors to our forums, our grand plans for a more participatory and supportive round of the Big Bang have not been very successful. In fact, it would be fair to say those plans never even got off the ground. Blame buggy forums, competing fandom and real life commitments, a less-than-overwhelming response from our participants (though there were some lovely and notable exceptions, thank you), and most of all, plain laziness on your mods part.

Our sincerest apologies.

As a reminder, we are rewarding participants with milestone banners for every 10,000 words produced on the following schedule (and yes, we’re a little behind on posting the 30k banner, but it will be up soon!):

Word Count Milestones: All authors who make their recommended word counts by the milestone dates will receive special for-you-guys-only banner art courtesy of the Big Bang artists and us!! Keep those pens flowing, guys!

1/1 - 10k Milestone.
1/27 - 20k Milestone.
2/22 - 30k Milestone.
3/19 - 40k Milestone.
4/15 - 50k Milestone / First Draft Submissions.

JUNE 5, 2008 - Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy! AND OH YEAH, THE WEBSITE GOES LIVE!!!


Please remember that there are a number of ways in which you can still contribute to the challenge -- as a writer, an artist, or a reader:

These forums and your contributions are a lasting extension of our challenges, and we hope that they will be added to in perpetuity.

Your Neglectful but Loving Mods,

Shaggy, Aja, and Reena
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Last Edit: 2008/02/26 21:48 By Shaggy.
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