The Challenges

Looking for a big bang challenge in your fandom? Find one here!

The current roster of Big Bang Challenges in other fandoms includes:

• Harry Potter Fandom:

[info]dracobigbang: A Draco Malfoy Fandom Challenge

[info]ginnybigbang: A Ginny Weasley Fandom Challenge

[info]harrypotterbang: A Harry Potter Fandom Challenge

[info]harryronbigbang: A Harry/Ron Challenge

[info]hermionebigbang: A Hermione Granger Challenge

[info]marauderbigbang: A Marauders-Era Challenge

[info]nextgenbigbang: A Next Generation Harry Potter Fandom Challenge

[info]sugarandginger: A Ron Weasley Challenge

[info]bigbangblackout: a Sirius Black Challenge

[info]severusbigbang: a Severus Snape Challenge

[info]snupin big bang: a Snape/Lupin Fanfic Challenge

• Bandom & Band RPS:

[info]idol_bigbang: an American Idol Big Bang Challenge

[info]bandombigbang: a Bandom Novella/FST fandom challenge

[info]bandgirlsbang: a Bandom Girls fandom challenge

[info]bittybang: a Popslash Fandom challenge

[info]dvbb: a David Cook Fandom challenge

[info]dbsk_bigbang: A DBSK Fandom Challenge

[info]deutschmusikbb: a German Music Big Bang challenge

[info]jrock_bigbang: a Japanese Rock (J-Rock) Big Bang challenge

[info]newsbigbang: a NEWS Fandom challenge

• Media Fandoms:

[info]bsg_bigbang: A Battlestar Galactica Big Bang Challenge

[info]buffy_bigbang: A Buffyverse Big Bang Challenge

[info]capiron_bigbang: A Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang Challenge

[info]bau_bigbang: A Criminal Minds Fandom Challenge

[info]batman_bigbang: A D.C. Comics Big Bang Challenge

[info]dgm_bigbang: a D.Gray-man Big Bang Challenge

[info]tardis_bigbang: a Dr. Who / Torchwood Big Bang Challenge

[info]ds_c6_bigbang: A Due South/Canadian 6 Challenge

[info]fma_big_bang: A Full Metal Alchemist Fandom Challenge

[info]xoxobigbang: A Gossip Girl Fandom Challenge

firefly-bigbang: A Firefly Fandom Challenge

[info]heroes_bigboom: A Heroes/Heroes RPS Challenge

[info]hsmbigbang: A High School Musical Challenge

[info]house_bigbang: A House fandom novella challenge

[info]jossverse_bb: A Jossverse Big Bang Challenge

[info]khrminibang: A Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Challenge

[info]thebigbangjob: A Leverage Fandom Challenge

[info]boxofmagic: A Merlin Fandom Challenge

[info]ncis_bigbang: An NCIS Big Bang Challenge

[info]oz_big_bang: An Oz Big Bang Challenge

[info]primevalbigbang: A Primeval Big Bang Challenge

[info]drive_a: A Tenipuri (Prince of Tennis) Big Bang

[info]twilightbigbang: A Twilight Big Bang Challenge

[info]bellaxjacob_bb: A Twilight Bella/Jacob Challenge

[info]sgabigbang: A Stargate:Atlantis Challenge

[info]stargate_summer: A Stargate: SG-1 Challenge

[info]startrekbigbang: A Star Trek Big Bang Challenge

[info]spn_j2_bigbang: A Supernatural/Supernatural RPS Challenge

[info]sncross_bigbang: A Supernatural Crossover Fandom Challenge

[info]svbigbang: A Smallville Clex Challenge

[info]tw_bigbang: A Torchwood Fandom Challenge

[info]xf_bigbang: An X Files Fandom Challenge

• Multi-Fandom Challenges:

[info]apocabigbang: a Multi-fandom Apocalyptic Challenge

[info]bigbadaboum: a Multi-fandom Challenge for French fandom (bon chance!)

[info]crossbigbang: a Multi-fandom Crossovers Challenge

Epic Proportions, a Multi-fandom Femslash challenge hosted by

[info]genderbendbb: a Multi-fandom Genderbending Challenge

[info]kink_bigbang: a Multi-fandom Kink Challenge

[info]polybigbang: a Multi-fandom Polyamory Challenge

[info]scifibigbang: A Multi-fandom Sci-Fi Challenge

[info]smallfandom: A Small Fandom Challenge

[info]smallfandom_bb: A Small Fandom Challenge

[info]the_yo_yo: A Small Fandom Challenge

[info]thelittlebang: A Multi-fandom Femslash Challenge

[info]rpf_big_bang: a Multi-fandom Real Person Fiction Big Bang challenge

[info]bigbangnews: Big Bang News is a community directory created to follow and keep track of posting dates for Big Bang challenges throughout various fandoms. Currently the listing includes only challenges hosted on Livejournal.

Want us to include your fandom's challenge on this list? Email the mods at bigbangchallenge at gmail. Thanks!